Welcome to Holy Trinity North Saanich
We are so glad you’re here!

Holy Trinity is a Christian faith community found in the heart of North Saanich. We seek to embrace our neighbours far and wide out of a deep gratitude for the kindness and generosity the Creator has shown us, through all the community events we host.

We strive to be a community where authentic encounters happen; where we experience a deeper sense of meaning and connection with God, our neighbours and creation as a spiritual community.

We want to share this with you!

Our doors are wide open to you no matter what your background, race, gender, orientation, or where you find yourself on your spiritual journey. 

Your presence and participation in this community would inevitably make us more into the image of God than we would be without you.

Choose any point of entry and come on in, start with “Get Involved” or a service of Holy Communion, or ask to connect with one of Our Team.

We are like a living mosaic that shifts and changes when a new person—a new beautiful ceramic tile—makes its way in and a new image of a good authentic spiritual community takes shape.